OspreyA good friend of ours pointed out to us that our Feathered Friends deserve a section to themselves such is the wide range of birds that you can see during a stay in the area. 

As you travel around or when you’re out walking or cycling, do keep your eyes peeled. Lapwings, Partridges, Pheasants & Oyster Catchers all put in regular appearances in the fields and trees around the village. 

Sightings of Golden Eagles, Ptarmigan, Dotterel, Ospreys, Buzzards, Capercaillie, Black Grouse & Snow Bunting await you and are not as rare as you might think. 

Closer to home, we have installed feeders on the fence and the local birdlife are starting to catch on. 

A squadron of jackdaws currently rule the roost, but we are starting to see Hedge Sparrows, Robins, Chaffinches & cheeky Blackbirds. 

We are keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll start to see Goldfinches, Siskins, Blue Tits, and – we hope – even a Great Spotted Woodpecker all of which are in the area and just need to learn that the peanuts are here, ready and waiting.