Going out walking, cycling, climbing, sailing or touring for the day?

Would you like us to prepare a packed lunch for you? Want a flask of a hot drink to take with you? No problem at all.

Simply make your selection from the list below and, if possible, let us know the night before.

Sandwiches – On home-baked white or wholemeal bread.

Choose from:

Ham, Ham & Tomato, Ham & Cheese

Cheese, Cheese & Onion, Cheese & Tomato

Tuna Mayonnaise, Tuna Mayonnaise & Cheese

Egg Mayonnaise.


Choccie Bar


A Piece of Fresh Fruit


A good-sized slice of Irene’s Home baking

All this for only £5.00


Flask filled with Coffee, Tea or Hot Juice – £1.50

(If you do not have a flask with you, we’re happy to lend you one)