The Guest Lounge

When you’re looking for somewhere other than your bedroom where you can put your feet up, read, chat, write your postcards or daily diary, sip at a nightcap or simply relax & doze, look no further. Unlike many B&Bs, we have a splendid Guest Lounge which is just the place for you!!

A high-ceilinged room, full of character, with a wood-burning stove for those chillier evenings, it has a choice of two sumptuous sofas and two equally comfortable large chairs for you to sink into with occasional tables to hand for your book, Kindle, map, cup or glass.

We have a selection of books for you to browse, a choice of board games if you feel so inclined and a big bowl of confectionery for you to dip into.

The Breakfast Table

The Guest Lounge also houses our Oak Breakfast Table around which you join your fellow guests each morning to enjoy one of Irene’s splendid breakfasts.

Interesting Things

Around the house, you’ll find the walls decorated with a wide selection of paintings, drawings and pictures, all great to look at and all very personal to us. Almost all have a wee tale to tell – some of the works really do engender a lot of comment and discussion, though our most controversial one has been “retired” at Irene’s request.

Pride of place goes to a complete set of five Artists Proofs by the renowned Scottish painter – JoLoMo –all signed by the man himself. Two of these are in the Guest Lounge with the other three upstairs, one in each bedroom. Numerous other pieces are dotted around – up the stairs, along the landings, in our study and even in the kitchen.

We also have a fun collection of artefacts & souvenirs from our travels. Again, there’s usually a story behind the item, whether it’s the 3 days it took John to buy our Balinese ebony carving or the time it took the Vietnamese artists to make the egg-shell piece.

We should also not forget Irene’s Teddy Bears. Yes, it is true – she is a self-confessed Arctophile and, along with our own collection, we have a number of bears that have been given to Irene by guests from around the world.

Guest Facilities

Equipment Drying & Storage.

In addition to all the above, we have a drying cupboard so that you can start each day without damp clothes and there’s ample secure storage for skis, bikes & other equipment.


There’s plenty of off road parking, floodlit for your convenience when it is darker.

Packed Lunches.

If you’re going out for the day and would like a packed lunch, we’re happy to oblige, just let us know what you’d like the night before.

Staying Smart.

During your stay we’re happy to do light laundry (socks, tee-shirts, underwear etc) in return for a small donation to a local charity. The same goes if you need something pressing or your shoes polishing. Please just ask, we’re here to help.

Keeping In Touch.

We need to let you know that, here at Clune House, indeed in this part of the village, the Mobile Phone signal strength varies depending on your network.

WiFi is, of course, available in the Guest Bedrooms and in the Guest Lounge.

While mobile phones, tablets and laptops are wonderful things, in our opinion they have appropriate places and times in all our lives. If your view is different and you prefer to have your phone or tablet to hand at all times, no problem, but our B&B is probably not going to be the ideal place for you.

Because, to avoid you disturbing or appearing rude to your fellow guests, we have a few simple requests which we ask you to respect. Please visit our FAQs to find out more. Thank You.